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Description de l'Egypte was the outcome of the collaboration of more than 150 prominent scholars and scientists who accompanied Napoleon in 1798, and some 2000 talented artists and technicians. For over 20 years, they systematically examined almost every aspect of contemporary and ancient Egyptian civilization, producing 20 volumes of text and plates of unmatched accuracy and detail. Historically, these engravings became the most comprehensive record and inventory of Egypt’s land and monuments. This valuable collection containing images related to antiquities, natural history, and the modern states of Egypt has been fully digitized and integrated on a virtual browser with the objective of preserving it and making it publicly accessible. The collection includes eleven volumes of plates owned by BA, as well as ten volumes of text, a contribution from Institut d’Egypte. The International School of Information Science (ISIS) developed a tool to publish books in the standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format where books may be browsed by a virtual browser or a touch screen.

This is the web version of the project. It introduces the entire collection online in an integrated searchable form. The web version provides enhanced functionalities like full search on the text volumes with highlights, zooming on all pages of the book, a favorites list, and sharing data with friends. An image server is being deployed to allow loading a portion of the image with high resolution and is currently being adapted and integrated within the system.

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